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  • DIY Repairs Medium Drywall Repairs

    Many people in the Mesa, Tempe, Chandler and Gilbert areas decide to do their own drywall repairs.It is not really that difficult if you know how.We have a sister company called ACSI Inspection Services that performs home inspections in the Phoenix Metro area. They had several videos made that help home owners do small projects or maintenance on their own.We have decided to share some of those videos here to help our clients as well.If you decide you do not want to do the drywall repairs [...]

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    10 Things to Discuss with Your Contractor

    With any construction project, communication is key. Here are 10 things that you want to make sure you discuss with your contractor that they are not likely to bring up in their consultation. Experience countsMake sure that the contractor you are working with has a history doing the types of remodeling projects you are looking to have performed. Someone that has little to no experience, may be a licensed contractor, but may not be able to properly estimate costs and or meet a schedule [...]

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    15 Hidden Costs of Remodeling

    So you've decided to do a remodeling project. many people do this and end up upside down before they are halfway through the project. There are several things that need to be considered but are frequently overlooked, so we will discuss the top 15 things you should think about before starting your project.  Meals.  If your remodeling project includes the kitchen or anywhere around it, you will likely lose use of the kitchen for at least part of the project and need to find other [...]

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